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Real People | Real Faith

Jun 11, 2017 | Pastor Mike D'Attoma

We Are Jonah

Real People | Real Faith 
We Are Jonah 
Jonah 1-4 
I. Fleeing from God's presence always creates problems. (1:1-17)
A. We attempt to run away from God because of our pride. (1:3-9) 
B. We attempt to run away from God because of our idolatry. (1:10-17
II. God is faithful, even in our disobedience. (1:17-3:2) 
A. Often times, what we see as a punishment, is really God's provision. (1:17) 
B. God hears our cries of distress. (2:1-10)
C. God is a God of second chances. (3:1-2) 

III. Salvation belongs to the Lord. (3:3-5, 10)
               A. We do not have to fear being evangelistic because it is the Lord who saves. (3:3-5)
               B.  Salvation is available to any, and all who call upon the Name of the Lord. (3:10)
IV. God’s grace is greater than our sin. (4:1-10) 
                A. Most of our frustrations come from thinking God should have operated differently than He did. (4:1-2)
                B. God’s provision is not for our comfort, but to fulfill our calling

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A look at real people in the Bible who exhibited genuine faith!